Unexpected expenses happen, and when they do, you can be left in serious trouble. Whether it’s a medical bill, accident or other incidental cost, your first instinct may be to panic and wonder what to do. That’s why Cash in a Flash Check Advance serves clients by providing payday loan services. We understand that a weekly paycheck isn’t always enough to cover everything, and when you need help, we are here.

No Credit Checks and Easy Repayment

The most obvious benefit of a payday loan is its ability to address any immediate expenses with which you are dealing. It is best used in emergencies or other situations where you must unexpectedly cover a cost. There are other advantages to a short-term loan, too, including:

  • Next payday up to 14 days repayment
  • Readily available cash with approved application 
  • No credit check



Installment loans offer a convenient means to spread payments over several months. Equal payments are made each month during the term of the loan. We offer two (2) types of installment loans, (1) "signature loans" based on your signature and minimum credit requirement, and (2) loans connected to your bank account either through holding a check or by you granting us permission to debit your checking account. The type of installment loan offered varies as allowed per state laws. We are proud to offer this option to help with your financial needs. We'll work with you to develop the best plan for your individual budget.

  • Cash can be had in 30 minutes.
  • Multiple payment options.
  • Average credit is acceptable.
  • Easy application and approval process.